Risk Assessment and Job safety Analysis (JSA, JHA)

A risk assessment is a process for identifying hazards related to an activity, evluating the level of risk involved and proposing control measures to reduce the level of the risk. Risk assessment is used at a higher level for a whole activity. Whereas a JSA is a lower level tool used on a day to day basis for identifying hazards for a job and proposing control measures. The only difference is that the risk evaluation is not necessary ina JSA

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  1. In my opinion,RA(Risk Assesment) is done for whole activity and in JSA is done for day to day within an activity.RA and JSA are same to identify the hazards and reduce the level of risk to cause harm the people.

  2. There is no second thought to it that JSA and RA are tools for the same purpose i.e. to build controls for hazards and the risks posed by them. The actual difference lies in the way both of these are articulated. JSA generally goes with a simple approach, dealing with the possible hazards and recommended controls for them, whereas the RA displays a much wider approach, describing the probability of the identified risks and the severity of the possible consequences. Having said that, there are some organizations which only go with JSA’s, some which recommend RA’s only and still others which use both of these tools, i.e. JSA for step to step analysis approach and RA for an overall risk management tool for the entire task or project.

  3. basically risk assement is a critical bird eye view in which you have to describe all activites for whole activity/foundation,identification of hazards,the people who might be harm and the ways with which they might be harm,evaluate the risk by using risk matrix and existing precautions,record all findings by mean of admistrive controll andthen reviewing the assessment.
    apparantely,jsa is examination of all possible hazards and their controll measures of only one job

  4. JSA & Risk Assessment are just two different tools used for the same purpose. The Risk assessment is a common term used in the UK, The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) of UK does not recognize the term JSA (Job Safety Analysis). Whereas in America they use Jon Safety Analysis. (Just to oppose the British – as the anericans always do). So basically there is not a big difference between them

  5. In my opinion a JSA & a risk Assessment are one and the same, because the concept behind both is the same i.e, idetifying hazards and proposing control measure to prevent people from injuries.

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