What to avoid during a Job Interview

Most of the times, interviews are neither simple nor very pleasing. The nervousness and the sentiments of the interview can cloud your judgment and tie your tongue.
Never be late for an interview
Do not attend phone calls during the interview, keep you mobile phone silent.
Dont bring up your personal life during the first interview and do not tell sob stories to the interviewer.
Don’t scorn in front of a potential employer.
Avoid one word answers, it is your task to convince the interviewer that you are the perfect person for the post and you can do a fine job. Even if the question is vague, try hard to answer it in the best possible way.
Don’t Embellish Your Experience
Don’t go too far on the road of convincing. Be truthful and honest.
Never say that I Don’t Know Anything About the Company
Dont discuss your religious and political beliefs.
Do not say that I Hated My Last Boss
Do not wear very colourful/casual clothes
Don’t forget your CV and other important material